Ethiopia Obtains over 720 Million USD from Pulses, Oilseeds and Spices

Addis Ababa November, 16 2016

Ethiopia has earned USD 722.4 million from export of pulses, oilseeds and spices last Ethiopian fiscal year, Ministry of Trade (MoT) revealed.

Opening the 6th International Conference on Pulses, Oilseeds and Spices today, MoT State Minister Assad Zayed said even though the international price for agricultural commodities is volatile, the pulses, oil seeds and spices sub-sector has earned a total of 722.4 million USD during the first year of the Second GTP because of the integrated efforts of all stakeholders.

The state minister, however, urged stakeholders to do their level best for the successful accomplishment of the objectives of GTP II as the current performance has fallen short of the targeted 1.26 billon USD.

He pointed out that Ethiopia is paying due attention to increasing production and productivity, exporting value-added items, widening and diversifying market destinations during the Growth and Transformation plan period.

According to Assad, the progress made in the sub-sector and the market modernization at Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) on online trading and implementation of traceability has become a benchmark for many African countries.

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